Friday, July 13, 2007

Southside 2oo7, Ahoj-Brause, Steak & Rettich

From 22 until 24 June, five year-2ooo-
graduating-friends from University of Cooperative Education caught up for cooling down at Southside Festival in in Black Forest,
Swabian countryside.
Although it kept raining a lot before, almost enthusiasts didn't hesitate to enjoy a unique and wounderful atmosphere in the middle of
One of the greatest things I enjoyed during those days, definitely was the companionship with the other blockes, the timeless handling of everything and the peaceful ongoing amongst each other.
Moreover, I think I have
never eaten so much meat during the day...starting breakfast and finishing around 3 am the next morning.

Out of this, a couple of questions crossed my way:
+ How may Vodka mixed with "Ahoj Brause" taste?
+ Why should it taste?
+ Why does everything taste in combination with bread from Joklisbauernhof?

+ Have you ever worn "Gummistiefel" and underpants together with a "Rettich" in your hand - nothing else on?
+ Why would I go there again although I have just listened to about four bands?
+ How is it possible to meet Pady under one apple tree in the middle of the rain without having had any appointment and no cell phone connection?

However, thanks a lot guys, for having given me such a wonderful time over there. Special thanks to Maestro Pady for booking the caravan and organising all the food and drinks!