Friday, November 16, 2007

Recall: Our dear friend Ketan.

Dear people who have had the chance to get to know Ketan and his teaching of Leadership:
Ketan died suddenly, of a massive heart attack as a result of his congenital heart disease
, on Friday 28th September. His funeral was held soon after, on the 1st October 2oo7.*
We know this comes as a shock. There was a last-minute frenzy of emails and small ceremonies all over the world, wherever he touched, and now, we send this one in Germany for him, too.
For us, it has been such a strange way to get such of the big disadvant-
ages this kind of friendship includes. Another example for the "Tyranny of Distance", as they say in the history books.
We do miss you deeply, Ketan. You will always be in our hearts. See you again in Heaven!
With love,
Rainer with Kerstin.
* More info about Ketan see here.